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Cinemaximiliaan vzw | Manchesterstraat 36, 1080 Brussels | or contact Annabelle Van Nieuwenhuyse: +32 477 52 05 80

JOB OFFER | Event & Volunteer Coordinator (f/m/x) 


Cinemaximiliaan is a social and artistic initiative that aims to create authentic connections between individuals from dierent backgrounds. We are open to everyone and actively seek out newcomers in asylum centres as well as the broad artistic field.

The presentation and creation of film, music and art are the spark to create shared experiences. Social events, gatherings and dining together also give energy to Cinemaximiliaan’s community.

We welcome people to our project house in Molenbeek, a warm place that invites connection and gives a helping hand to coincidence. By embracing dierences and stimulating everyone’s creative abilities, we want to promote and realize a more inclusive society.


You take initiative and are the contact person for 3 main aspects of the organization:

  • ●  Coordinate the visits to asylum centers to encounter new participants and volunteers

  • ●  Coordinate events at our project house in Molenbeek and in collaboration with partners

  • ●  Coordinate the volunteer network and interns

    You become part of our core team. We support each other in our tasks and share general responsibilities, such as communication (incl representation/networking), … And of course on a big event or film set we need all hands on deck! Together we will try to find the best match between our individual skills and aspirations and the tasks that need to be done to reach our mission (see below).

    Cinemaximiliaan recruits on the basis of personality, vision and approach, regardless of age, gender, ethnic/religious/cultural background, disability or diploma. We encourage people in vulnerable contexts to apply.


    Coordinate the visits to asylum centers to encounter new participants and volunteers
    1. You expand the collaboration with asylum centers throughout Belgium
    2. You plan ahead with at least 2 visits a month
    3. You invite volunteers, interns, artists and colleagues for enriching encounters in the centers
    4. You’re responsible for the promotion of our visits in the centers and the stories about them on 
    our social media afterwards

    5. You coordinate the practical part (programme, technical preparations, transport, …)
    6. You keep contact with the people we meet to invite them to activities and opportunities

    Coordinate events at our project house in Molenbeek and in collaboration with partners

  1. You collaborate with social and cultural initiatives, in the neighborhood and in the larger Brussels/Belgian network

  2. You develop a long-term planning with recurring activities in our project house.

  3. You coordinate the planning of other events (film screenings, presentations, dinners, educational encounters) at our project house, at private homes, in cultural venues, with partners, …

  4. You are the main contact who matches expectations of all parties beforehand, oversees practicalities (logistics, timing, catering, budget, communication/invitations, volunteer planning) and reports afterwards (communication, evaluation and keeping track of KPI’s).


Coordinate the volunteer network and interns
At Cinemaximiliaan, new guests or participants soon become volunteers. There are many shared responsibilities and during our activities people can experiment with dierent tasks to find out how they can contribute. As volunteer coordinator you actively look for people to collaborate with.

  1. For every event or activity, you set up a practical plan for volunteers, interns and colleagues with clear roles and responsibilities. You manage and motivate the team.

  2. You create a system for feedback and evaluation, to stimulate people in developing their talents and taking responsibility. You propose learning opportunities in- and outside of Cinemaximiliaan.

  3. You keep a database with people’s interests and skills, so the whole team knows what kind of events, projects or tasks could be interesting for them.

  4. You collect and dispatch internship requests, and follow up on the administration, including training plans, certificates, evaluations, … (in collaboration with the responsable colleagues).


We are looking for an open and driven person who is ready to commit to a project that is challenging both artistically and humanely. The following characteristics make you the ideal candidate:

  • ●  You care for newcomers and have affinity with the vision and mission of Cinemaximiliaan

  • ●  You are a proactive, punctual and hands-on organizer with experience in coordinating events in a volunteer-driven environment. You are flexible, optimistic and problem-solving.

    You keep an overview and see priorities, also in chaotic or stressful situations.

  • ●  You enjoy working with people. You are an inspiring coach who identifies talents and opportunities. You work in a connecting and emancipating way with empathy and care.

  • ●  You are a team player and a good communicator.


  • ●  Minimum 3 years of experience in the sociocultural sector

  • ●  Digital skills with Word, Excel, e-mail, Google drive and Google calendar

  • ●  You can express yourself both verbally and written in Dutch and English

  • ●  You are the end responsible of the events your coordinate and you’re required to be present at least twice a month during evenings or weekends These skills are a plus:

  • ●  A background in social (cultural) work, migration studies, educational sciences

  • ●  Speaking/writing other languages, such as French or Arabic

  • ●  Living in or nearby Brussels

  • ●  In possession of a B driving license

  • ●  Knowledge of technical audio-visual installations (projection, sound installation, etc.)

  • ●  Knowledge and insight in catering and hospitality


  • ●  A committed, warm and driven context with a broad network in the social and cultural world

  • ●  Intense contact with volunteers and colleagues, including newcomers

  • ●  A one year contract – with the prospect of a contract extension – for 3 days a week (60%-0,6fte), remuneration taking into account experience and responsibility within Joint Committee 227 on Audiovisual Arts. Start as soon as possible, ideally in April 2022.

  • ●  Oce days are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday; events often take place during evenings and/or weekends. Flexibility and independence are required.

  • ●  The oce days and many events are at our project house Manchesterstraat 36, in the new ‘cultural hub’ of Molenbeek/Brussels.

  • ●  We welcome your own initiatives in the organization

    Respond before Friday 25th of March 2022 at 10am with a motivation letter and CV to: In case of an interest in your application, you’ll be invited for an interview on Thursday 31th of March 2022 in the afternoon.
    If you want to get to know us in an informal way, join our events 13/03 or 27/03 (check Facebook).
    Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or want more information.