Cinemaximiliaan grew out of a volunteering initiative, and its spirit is very much based on the positive energy with which every individual contributes its part to the platform. Cinemaximiliaan is an associative and dynamic organisation, and so are the people involved in the project. 

Founders & General Coordinators: Gwendolyn Lootens & Gawan Fagard

House CoordinatorRuth Van Mechelen

Events and Volunteers Coordinator:  Laura Gaggiottini

Film Production CoordinatorDiren Agbaba

Asylum Center Visits Coordinator: Fatma Osman

Egged On by Music CoordinatorEmma Hejink

New Music Creation CoordinatorHannibal Saad 

The Livingroom Coordinator: Wolf Comeyne

Finance & Administration: Pauwel Hertmans, Monica Fierlafijn

Maintenance Project House: Alketa Sinani

Catering: Abdell Baset, Abdulrahman Aljassem, Abdullah Fakhri, Ibrahim Neissi, Majda Al Attape, Omar Al Samarrai, Solaiman Abu Hassira, …

Graphic Design Team: Joud Toamah, Lennert Van Asselbergh

Web Development: Reza Panahi, Rawad Ghostin


2016: Lubnan Al Wazny, Olga Henrard

2017: Solange Luyckx, Kinshuk Surjan, Batul Hosseini, Reza Panahi, Angela Al Souliman, Aaron Stevens

2018: Soetkin Keukeleire, Wolf Comeyne, Omar Al Samarrai, Flo Vandenbussche, Mascha Berkers, Bilal Issa, Alain Culleton, Ahmad Alkech, Inez El Mouden, Fatma Osman

2019: Xaver Konneker, Annelise Scheuren, Elena Grigorescu, Wolf Comeyne, Selma Draoui, Maxime Grisart, Moudane Mahdieh, Doaa Azawi, Laura Krüger, Thomas Willekens, Ahmed Rzgar, Karam Asoos, Nora Jerreira, Maaike Claes, Clara Wouters, Faraz Farsi, Gailan Abdulwahhab, Majdi Abou Hasira 

2020: Céline Schouppe, Gohram Khan, Nora Flamen, Marius Lefever, Nore De Belder, Laura Krüger, Wolf Comeyne, Salam Eliyan, Emilia Vangrinsven, Dalia Hourani

Friends of Cinemaximiliaan Fund: Joost Declercq, Pierre Iserbyt

Legal Advice House: Baker&McKenzie – Jean-François Vandenberghe

Architecture House: OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen, Alexander Smedts, Anne Van Hout & Omar Kashmiry

Board of Directors: Ayham Seif, Shamsia Ahmadi Nijat, Pauwel Hertmans, Katrien Reist, Maher Alfartosi, Matthieu Goeury, Jos Brumagne, Wouter Hessels

General Assembly: Flo Flamme, Bruno Mola, Sigrid Bousset, Sophie Alexandre, Terry Simmons, Bart Van Langendonck, Wouter Hillaert, Julie Declercq, Lisaboa Houbrechts, Hayo De Haan, Gawan Fagard, Gwendolyn Lootens, Agata Jastrzabek, Hassan Ali, Deirdre Domegan.

People who worked in our team: Victor Ghostin (assistant coordinator 2019), Annemie Knaepen (music project coordination 2019), Rand Abou Fakher (music project coordination, 2019), Céline Gaza (project assistance 2018), Deirdre Domegan (financial team coordinator 2017-2020), Hayo De Haan (administration 2017-2018), Ahmad Alkech (accounting, 2017-2019)

We thank them all for their time, involvement and commitment. 

People involved: 

Aaron, social worker (BE)
Abbas, barber (IQ)
Abdel, cook and actor (SY)
Abdullah, cook (IQ)
Abdullah, pupil (IQ)
Abdulrahman, cook (SY)
Adil, architect (MA/BE)
Adrian, human right’s activist (MX)
Agata, curator and artist (PL)
Ahmad, economist (SY)
Ahmed, nurse student (IQ)
Ahmed, veterinary (IQ)
Alaa, chemist (IQ)
Alain, social worker (IR)
Alejandro, composer (BO)
Alex, artist (BE)
Alexandra, biologist (CA)
Ali, art student (IQ)
Ali, journalist (AFG)
Ali, painter (IQ)
Alketa, textile and maintenance (ALB)
Amila, curator (BOS)
Anastasia, photographer (RU)
Angela, journalist and filmmaker (SY)
Anisa, anthropology student (ALB/GR)
Ann, journalist (BE)
Anna Franziska, actress (BE)
Anne-Marie, artist (BE)
Anne, musician (NL)
Annelies, teacher (BE)
Annemie, tour manager, teacher and flower creator (BE)
Antonio, filmmaker (BE)
Arezoo, musician and cook (IR)
Arkan, musician (IQ)
Aukje, artist (NL)
Ayham, aid worker and international relations (SY)
Ayman, nurse and translator (PS)
Azmi, engineer (SY)
Bart, film producer (BE)
Bassel, sound designer (SY)
Batul, teacher, NGO worker, librarian (AFG/IRN)
Bea, photographer (BE)
Béla, filmmaker (HU)
Ben, computer scientist (BE)
Bilal, translator (SY),
Britt, fashion designer (BE)
Bruno, businessman (BE)
Bushra, anthroplogy (SD)
Caroline, yoga and textile (BE)
Cathérine, artist (BE)
Catherine, gallerist (FR)
Celine, social worker and mindfullness (PL/CD/BE)
Charles, editor (BE)
Rokhsareh, filmmaker (IRN)
Clara, photography and art history student (BE)
Constance, law student (BE)
Dahlia, actress (BE)
Dahlia, translator (LB)
Daphne, filmmaker (NL)
David, architect (BE)
Deirdre, financial manager (CA/BE)
Diren, filmmaker (BE)
Diren, filmmaker, cameraman and filmproject coordinator (BE/KU)
Dirk, communications manager (BE)
Dirk, curator and art critic (BE)
Doaa, doctor (IQ)
Donna, NGO worker (USA)
Ehsan, performer and choreographer (IR/BE)
Elke, journalist (BE)
Ella, student architect (BE)
Emma, artist, teacher (NL)

Emma, musician (NL)
Enzo, sounddesginer (FR)
Ermira, sales manager (ALB)
Esmoreit, cameraman and filmmaker (NL)
Esraa, lawyer and artist (IQ)
Fanny, social worker (BE)
Faraz, It student (IR, BE)
Fatma, filmmaker (SO)
Firas, monteur (IQ)
Flo, filmmaker (BE)
Frederike, social worker (BE)
Gailan, airconditioning technician (IQ)
Galal, IT specialist (GUI)
Gawan, art historian and film critic (BE)
Gert, film producer (BE)
Ghulam, student (AFG)
Gina, filmmaker (LB)
Gohram, engineer (BA)
Grace, theatre director performer (NL)
Guillaume, editor and filmmaker (BE)
Gwendolyn, artist and filmmaker (BE)
Haider, instrument builder(IQ)
Hala, social geography student (LBN)
Hanana, social worker (MA/BE)
Hans, cameraman and producer (BE)
Hans, film director and script writer (BE)
Hasina, psychology student (MG)
Hassan, philosopher (PK)
Hayder, instrument builder and musician (IQ)
Hayo, cultural manager (NL)
Hjalte, journalist (DK)
Hooman, graphic designer and artist (IR)
Hussein, musician (IQ)
Jan, theatre director and performer (BE)
Jas, social worker (EN/IN)
Javid, photographer (AFG)
Jeronimo, filmmaker (CO)
Joachim, film distributor and filmmaker (FR)
Joëlle, landscape architect and social worker (BE)
Jos, banker (BE)
Joud, graphic designer and artist (SY)
Jozef, set design (BE)
Julie, filmmaker and artist (BE)
Juliette, musician (FR)
June, sociology student (SGP)
Karam, media student and filmmaker (IQ)
Karar, truck driver (IQ)
Katrien, curator, cultural manager (NL)
Kevin, model (ALB),
Kersten, architect (BE)
Kinshuk, filmmaker (IN)
Koen, accountant (BE)
Korneel, photographer (BE)
Kym, artist (UK)
Laura, filmmaker (BE)
Lauren, graphic designer and yoga teacher (BE)
Leila, textile worker (IR)
Lennert, graphic designer and filmmaker (BE)
Leonie, artist (DE)
Limat, cook (ER)
Lobna, cook and stewardess (SY)
Lotte, filmmaker (BE)
Louay, aid worker and film student (SY)
Lubnan, shoemaker and actor (IQ)
Maaike, social worker student (BE)
Maher, lawyer and integration worker (IQ/BE)
Mahmood, sound engineer (SY)
Mahmood, student (AFG)
Majda, cook and teacher (IQ)
Majdi, IT specialist (PS)
Malak, highschool student (SY)

Margaux, pedagogy and film (BE)
Maria, international affairs officer (SY/SE)
Marof, mechanic (AFG)
Mary Emily, accountant (US)
Maryam, scholar (IR)
Masha, filmmaker (NL)
Matthias, film scholar and filmmaker (BE)
Matthieu, programmer (FR)
Maxime, social worker (BE)
Mehdi, journalist (MAR/BE)
Moji, filmmaker (IRN)
Monica, political studies student (BE)
Mostafa, musician (IRN)
Moudane, communication (DJ)
Mousab, designer (SY)
Nagham, social worker (SY)
Natalia, set design (MX)
Nedjma, dramaturge (ALG/BE)
Nik, sound recordist (BE)
Noor, highschool student (IQ)
Nor, student (MA)
Noura, student (SY)
Obaidullah, media (AFG)
Odessa, pedagogic sciences (BE/NL)
Omar, architect (EG)
Omar, cook (IQ)
Oscar, artist (NL)
Pauwel, theatre production (BE)
Philemon, artist (FR)
Pierre, real estate (BE)
Quinten, filmmaker (BE)
Rahaf, actor student (SY)
Rajaa, lawyer (IQ)
Rand, filmmaker (SY)
Rand, highschool student (IQ)
Reza, IT specialist, NGO worker (AFG/IRN)
Rik, teacher (BE)
Romy, actrice (BE)
Ruchira, translator (IN)
Ruth, social worker, house coordinator (BE)
Sabine, textile designer (DE)
Saddam, sociology student (SY)
Saif, musician (IQ)
Samah, pupil (IQ)
Sandra, filmmaker (NL)
Sandy, mathematician (CA)
Sean, filmmaker (CA)
Selma, migration student (FR)
Shadan, linguist (SY)
Shahriar, composer (IRN)
Shalan, musician and composer (SY)
Shamsia, social worker, psychology student (AFG)
Sheri, worker (AFG)
Sigrid, cultural manager (BE)
Simon, composer (CH)
Soetkin, social worker (BE)
Sofie, filmmaker, teacher (BE)
Solange, pedagogic sciences (BE)
Stefan, writer (BE)
Stijn, set designer (BE)
Tareq and Ahmed, airconditioning technician (IQ)
Terry, accountant (BE)
Teuk, musician (BE)
Thomas, businessman (BE)
Toon, film producer (BE)
Vakil, Maya, Ferzana, Fataneh, shop owners (AFG)
Vera, musician (IT)
Victor, liberal arts (LB/BE)
Walaa, musician (IQ)
Wolf, social worker (BE)
Wouter, teacher and filmcritic (BE)
Yusur, pilot (IQ)
and many more…


Manchesterstraat 36
1080 Sint Jans Molenbeek, Belgium