Volunteering is key to get involved in Cinemaximiliaan. All are welcome to support our cause and work together in our projects.

We always need volunteers to go with us to remote asylum centers and to join in our Livingroom every 2nd weekend of the month.

Also film professionals are welcome to support our productions: film directors, cinematographers, sound mixers, art directors, gaffers, editors,…

• Audience Development
• Juridical Support
• Psychological Support
• Cooking
• Catering
• Logistics
• Event Organisation


We are welcoming student internships from many areas of studies. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to do an internship with us.

• Social-Cultural Work
• Translation & Languages
• Accountancy & Financial
• Graphic Design
• IT, Web Development
• Communication & Social Media
• Photography, Videography
• Film
• Cinema studies
• Music Production
• Cultural Management
 Art History 
• Visual Arts
• Educational Sciences, Psychology
• Political Studies
• Migration Studies
Anthropology & Sociology


Cinemaximiliaan doesn’t work for, but with and by newcomers. This has been so from the very beginning. Newcomers are active in all fields of our structure, activities and projects.

Each and every person can bring his/her own skills, talents, expertise and ambition and use Cinemaximiliaan as a platform to develop a network, a practice, and professional experience in the field. During the internship, we also help prepare further steps towards studies and or work.