1. We work to achieve a balance between a socially urgent project and an artistically challenging platform without compromising on either of them. Participation is as important as artistic quality. We accept that there will always be a tension between them and consider this as a motor of our decision making process. 

2. We always work with people, and not for people. We don’t accept to consider anyone a subject of our help or a victim of any situation. We avoid making people dependent of Cinemaximiliaan. We agree to empower each other as equal members and as fellow humans. 

3. We respect and protect all our members against any type of racism, sexism and discrimination with special attention to women, minors and people of queer sexual orientations. We respect the expression of each other’s cultural, religious and political views, as long as they remain respectful and tolerant. 

4. We have the right to communicate our personal boundaries to others. We respect the boundaries of others. We respect the time and space of a concentrated workflow, the safe sphere of a home we share, sensitive conversations, privacy and intimacy. We strive to share pictures of people only with their consent. 

5. In Cinemaximiliaan we care for a sense of shared responsibility where everyone benefits and contributes. Whether the involvement is artistic, practical, administrative or social or of any other nature, all participants and guests of Cinemaximiliaan enter into a social contract where they commit to find a way to give back the energy and support they received to keep the wheel turning. 

6. We do not judge and we do not tolerate bad behavior. We seek ways to explain and explore what bad behavior means, and how it can be overcome. 

7. In Cinemaximiliaan we do not avoid, minimize or escalate interpersonal conflict. We stand together to deal with it in a constructive way and seek help if needed.

8. We are seeking to ensure that criticism, complaints and problems coming from both internal and external sources are dealt with in a spirit of constrcutive feedback and concrete actions. 

9. We take care of our home, house and belongings and also those of others.  We treat our surroundings with consideration and care and do not take it for granted. 

10. We value sustainability and strive to incorporate it into our daily routine (recycling, avoid food waste, support fair trade). 

11. We strive towards building a decision making and people structure in which: 
– We retain our horizontal culture while accepting that certain people are making final decisions in order to protect the DNA/coherence of Cinemaximiliaan.
– Certain responsibilities and tasks are delegated with the necessary responsibility, autonomy and trust.
– Everybody’s roles and responsibilities are clear and manageable for each person involved within the agreed time, space and financial constraints.