Film screenings are not only a way to bring people together. They also bring light in the darkness and offer a way to have a peek into different realities. This experience of watching films together, discussing them, discussing life and and getting to know eachother in a spontneous environment can bring a first spark, a bridge between people from various horizons.


The film screenings in the Maximiliaan park in 2015 brought light to the evenings for newcomers who newly arrived in Belgium. Many conversations in the park became friendships, and we kept contact with people who then moved to asylum centers.

Today we bring film screenings to many asylum centers all around Belgium. People live in very remote centers, often in social isolation. Visiting asylum centers is a first step to connect with the society and to join Cinemaximiliaan activities.

Volunteers are welcome to join us on these visits to the centers. Stay tuned over our Facebook page if you like to join.

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Many newcomers do not have a chance to visit locals in their homes, and many locals do not have an occasion to encounter and exchange with newcomers in an intimate setting.

Screenings in private homes all around Belgium are a nice occasion for people to meet, to share dinner, to watch and discuss good films. Hosts are inviting their friends and Cinemaximiliaan invites its members to share an evening together.

If you want to host a film screening in your living room contact us.


Film Screening at Hotel Flambeau


Cinemaximiliaan organises regular screenings with debates and encounters hosted by cultural partners and cinemas. Here, we not only show our own film productions, but we also create a platform for a film program especially conceived for a very diverse audience. The programs are curated with a special sense of context, preceded and followed by encounters, debates and presentations around the films.

Screenings are usually organised in presence of directors or of special guests.

Premiere me miss me at Palace