CINEMAXIMILIAAN x System D Short Film Festival


Saturday 13 July, 2024



Fortstraat 35, 1060 St-Gillis

CINEMAXIMILIAAN x System D Short Film Festival

Join us for a Short Film Festival Night at Pianofabriek, a collaboration between Cinemaximiliaan, System D and CityLab.

With the Brussels première of the Cinemaximiliaan production “A Troubled Man” by Karam Asoos (2023, 20’) and the participative project “In the Palm of My Hand” by Jules Mathôt and Cinemaximiliaan (2024, 10’)


A Troubled Man by Karam Asoos (2023, 20’) – Due to financial problems in his family and difficulties in finding a place to live, a man decides to cohouse. However, a growing distance between him and his housemates seems to turn against him more and more. (ENG VO, FR-NL subs)

In the Palm of My Hand by Jules Mathôt and Cinemaximiliaan (2024, 10’) – This is the result of a 2 months participative project, with a group of filmlovers from the Cinemaximiliaan community. They were invited by filmmaker Jules Mathôt to explore their dreams through the language of filmmaking, interview techniques, one-shot stories, storyboarding and a lot more, around a collective theme : our dreams, and how they can reflect our pasts and futures.

Forget me not by Mohammad Al-Majdalawi (2022, 10’) – At his host family’s house in Uppsala, Mohammed receives pleas of help from his family trapped in the latest bombings of Gaza. Although he feels powerless and incapable, he realises that hopelessness is not an option.

Queda by Analu Shilber (2023, 6.30′) – In Sao Paolo, a young woman dives into her subconscious. This is where she finds the strength and imagination to transcend the enormous challenges of the favela

Inside Outside by Mégane Danton (2022, 3′) – The film explores the figure of the monster as a mirror of the world and of oneself, infusing reality with a captivating magic. The protagonist runs through the forest, revealing a poetic and disturbing metamorphosis.

WHAT: 5 Film Screenings + Q&A + drinks & snacks

WHERE: Pianofabriek – Fortstraat 35 in St. Gillis

WHEN: Saturday 13th July 

TIME: 5:30pm Doors | 6pm Screenings + Q&A | 8pm Drinks